We were privileged to have John McMillan Builders for our recent significant renovations on our house. The project involved a number of challenges and the coordination of many different tradesmen such as painters, electricians, plumber, joiners etc.

The house is an 80 year old character home and the task involved a lot of detailed work matching existing architraves and door surrounds. It also required the removal of a load bearing wall and placement of a steel supporting beam. We were able to live upstairs during the construction and they were most thoughtful and considerate that we were okay at all times.

Throughout the process we were very impressed with the excellent skilled tradesmen. Of particular note was the way replacement rimu flooring was fitted and matched with the existing floor. Where a section was replaced care was taken to ensure the joins were staggered. A wonderful job!

We are absolutely thrilled with the completed job and can thoroughly recommend John McMillan Building Services as an absolutely top team in all aspects of the process.

Maurice and Anne Owen